Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Visiting Old Town Shaoxing...Again

This ancient city of 2500 years is just twenty minutes from my home and nestled in the middle of Shaoxing proper.  It's a quaint gem in a small, yet busy city full of many sites and shops and homes.

Though this area is a UNESCO world heritage site for the Grand Canal, many residents still live in their original structures, unmodified and without many modern conveniences.  Many cook with charcoal and even heat their homes with firewood, with the exception of a few new technological advances - i.e. the electric motorbike.

Shops in the middle of this ancient city also have a very unique charm, most products made by hand and run by families.

Life here is also slow and laid back.  Many people that live here don't have to worry about the world outside of their own city.

I realize I take many thing for granted when I walk through this city.  Especially at a scene like this where I will see someone drawing their own water for a nearby well.

I also realize that I absolutely miss the seasons.  Living in Hawai`i has made me accustomed to seeing spring and summer but living here in China has reminded my why Autumn is my favorite season!