Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Hiking around Sand Dunes in Viet Nam

I've come to the conclusion that I like dunes.
Not just any dunes but Sand Dunes.
Why you may ask?

Just look at the vibrant reds against the white sands.  Over time, erosion from wind and water carves into the valley and leaves behind breath taking pillars of sand.  When the wind hit's certain loose areas in the sand, it looks like waterfalls of white and red.

This structure is nicknamed Fairy Stream but I can see why they chose the name.  Just look at the stunning colors of the sand behind that cerulean blue back drop.  Walking through this valley was something that one would expect to see in the movies or could picture in books.

Mui Ne is home to these beautiful sand dunes and is normally a tourist trap, but we visited during Tet or the Lunar New Year for Viet Nam.  What would have been a very busy place to travel, was quite deserted because many locals go back to their home towns to celebrate Tet with their family.

The best thing about Mui Ne is the Dune COWS!  They are just a grazin' and a dunin' (yes, I made up my own verb for cows chillin' like villain on the dunes).

I mean, just look at that face!  Who wouldn't love a dune cow?

Just a half hour away, there are pure white dunes with fine white sand that you'd imagine only in the middle east or some place similar.

So, I have a funny story...our driver took out to these dunes and while he was waiting for us, he rode the local tour agent's RTV around.  We got back and waited for him to come back but it took almost an hour.  When he finally came back, there was a huge commotion because apparently he broke their shit and they weren't too happy.  We hightailed it out of there but the guy was nervous and looked over his shoulder during the whole drive.  When he dropped us off at the fishing village, he went to trade in his car for another less recognizable model.

The sand was great to see but walking through these fields of flowering trees were breathtaking!

Another 15 minute drive and you can see the red sand dunes, just as fine but only red and slightly courser sand.  The wind picks up the sand and creates wave designs upon the dunes itself.

I come from a place that has red sand but not this fine.  It's amazing to see the geography of these areas and compared them to one another.

A bit of a warning though, you will get accosted by kids or at the red sand dunes and there are stories out there about how the kids will offer to hold your shit, to which you answer, "Hell, No!" but you can also rent one of their flexible plastic sheets to go sledding in and as long as you take your shit and or have a friend watch it, it's fun it go 'DUNING' on the sand dunes.