Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Round Fishing Boats in Viet Nam

 There is a fishing village just outside of Mui Ne and the first thing you'll notice is how their fishing boats don't quite look like any other you've seen before. Yup, ladies and gentlemen, these boats are round. When a friend of ours - a professional fisherman, himself - saw these, he was flabbergasted by the mechanics of these vessels.

I can't tell you how efficient these are but I will say, they definitely are memorable. I will always remember this small village because of those boats, but I have a feeling that was the effect they were going for.

I liked looking out in the horizon and seeing something that I don't see...ever.  It's completely different from what I grew up around - also a fishing town - and picturesque, I think.

Besides the round boats, you can see the other colorful fishing boats that populate the water of this village.

Not only that, this beach was littered, quite literally really, with shells up and down the beach.  We didn't stop long at this destination, but I will say it sticks out almost as much as the sand dunes in Suoi Tien, or Fairy Stream.